Terminal Emulation

Attachmate Reflection®, EXTRA!®. and INFOConnect® terminal emulation products securely access information on any host and deliver it to any desktop.

As the market leader in secure host access, Attachmate knows the critical role that Windows plays in complex, multi-platform environments. Our products have always evolved in step with Windows, and we are continuing that uncompromised support with Microsoft® Windows Vista™.




  • Reflection® 2007 is terminal emulation software optimized for Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Reflection safeguards data in motion, boosts user productivity, and makes reliable connections to any host from any desktop.
  • Certified for Windows Vista, EXTRA!® X-treme™ v9 terminal emulation software securely connects Windows users to IBM System z (3270), IBM System i (5250), and UNIX systems.
  • INFOConnect® is terminal emulation software that Works with Microsoft Windows Vista, and securely connects Windows users to Unisys,                 IBM System z, System i and UNIX systems.

PC LIfecycle Management

WinINSTALL® is a comprehensive, tightly integrated management tool for deploying, updating, tracking, and supporting PC hardware and software assets-from purchase to retirement.

Systems and Security Management

NetIQ® integrated systems and security management solutions empower IT organizations to ensure that the enterprise is secure, compliant, available, and performing.